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Social media and the job search

Facebook, , digg, LinkedIN, and meetup, it seems like a new social networking tool pops up daily. Navigating your way through social media when searching for a job is a tricky thing and more and more employers are visiting these sites to investigate their candidates. Social media can help you connect with future employers, but if it's used the wrong way, it can backfire. Follow these dos and don'ts to help you market and brand yourself--the right way--online.

Don't post images of last night's keg party

Potential employers will try to get the skinny on you any way they can. Today, more employers are checking social media sites for background information on applicants. Check your privacy settings or post only the pictures you want your future boss to see. Be professional and smart.

Do set up a professional account

An active web presence when searching for a job is a good thing, as long as it's a professional presence.
LinkedIN is a popular site and can connect you to the industry. Using social media to market yourself sends the message that you're resourceful and a forward-thinker.

Don't use a work email address

Don't use a work email address to send resumes as it implies that you're applying for other jobs when you should be working.

Do create a professional email account

Setting up a professional email account is free and easy to do. Use your first and last name and avoid kitschy, unprofessional emails like, [email protected]

Do be consistent

If you are sending out resumes make sure your LinkedIN, Facebook, and Twitter accounts all deliver the same message. Ensure that job titles, employment history, and images all match online so that you are sending a consistent message about who you are.

Do be careful what you tweet

Online messages cannot be deleted. Messages about your dinner, how much you hate stocking shelves, or that you're boss is evil, don't leave a good impression and will likely leave you regretting you said it. You never know who might read what you post, so keep messages positive and think before you tweet.

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