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IDA seeks members for continuing education committee

IDA is looking for a group of members interested in deciding what continuing education courses the association will present throughout the next year. The time commitment is minimal - maybe an hour or so per month for a committee meeting and another hour or so if you are helping with a session.

With the new structure in place at Chione, the committee is charged with selecting seminars and courses and hosting them. Chione staff is charged with advertising, registration preparation of course materials, and name badges. The committee will also help by suggesting a location for the session and with onsite coordination at the time of the session.

In addition, one person from this committee will liaise with the IDA Council via one teleconference per month and someone is required to attend a monthly Chione Continuing Education Committee conference call organized through Chione. The purpose of that meeting is to share ideas and possibly coordinate the same seminars across the country.

If you're interested in volunteering, please the IDA office at [email protected].

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