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Chione appoints new directors

Five new Directors have joined Chione’s Board. The appointments were confirmed at Chione’s Annual Meeting, held September 30 at the International Centre in Mississauga. Chione also welcomes its incoming President, Clinton Hummel of North Bay, Ontario.

“I am very excited to be moving into the role of President of Chione,” says Clinton Hummel. “I’m optimistic that over the next year we can propel our strategic goals forward. On behalf of all members, we will advocate, we will strengthen our community, and we will continue to provide programming that is meaningful and relevant.”

Having successfully completed a 12-month term as President, Aandra Currie Shearer, from British Columbia, will assume the role of Past-President; Jason Kasper from Manitoba, moves into the 1st Vice-President position; Sally Mills from British Columbia, has been named 2nd Vice-President.

Joining the Chione Board as provincial Directors are: Carol Jones from British Columbia; Juanita Dielschneider from Saskatchewan; David Gibbons from Ontario; Denis Chouinard from Quebec; Lyn Van Tassel from New Brunswick; and Susan Troup from Newfoundland.

Linda Kafka from Ontario begins her term as Director, Industry; Keshia Caplette from Saskatchewan begins her term as Director, Intern; and Sharon Martens from Alberta begins her term as Director-at-Large.

Continuing on as Directors are: Kathy Johnston Umbach from Alberta; Karla Korman from Manitoba; and Kara MacGregor from Nova Scotia. Deborah Rutherford from Ontario will continue on as Director-at-Large; Brenda Snaith from British Columbia will continue on as Director, Education; and Trevor Kruse from Ontario will continue on as IIDEX Liaison.

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