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Apply for Chione’s Coast-to-Coast Travel Subsidy to attend the Design Symposium in September

Chione is committed to supporting the diversity of individuals and organisations working to strengthen the interior design profession. The Coast-to-Coast Travel Subsidy affords those Chione members who might otherwise not be able to attend, the opportunity to represent their organization at Chione’s inaugural Design Symposium and Annual General Meeting.

The Travel Subsidy is funded by individual sponsors in an effort to promote participation and reduce barriers for delegates wishing to attend the Design Symposium.

It is Chione’s ongoing effort to subsidize every applicant through the Coast-to-Coast Travel Subsidy program.

Interested in applying? . 

Deadline to apply is Tuesday, July 31st at 12:00 a.m. EST.

The symposium brings together thought leaders, subject experts and game changers from the wider design, business and media community to highlight the crucial role of design in shaping a productive, healthy and inclusive society.

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