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Chione Awards Winner of the First Annual Robert Ledingham Scholarship

Chione and the Chione Foundation are pleased to announce that Anna Stranks of Ontario is the first recipient of the Robert Ledingham Scholarship. The scholarship is a new award that honours the memory of one of Canada’s most celebrated interior designers, Robert (Bob) Ledingham and assists Canadian interior designers and educators in their pursuit of higher education.

Stranks will be using the scholarship funds to pursue a two-year Master of Design at OCAD University in Toronto, Ontario.

“I firmly believe in the necessity for life-long learning,” said Stranks. "Receiving this scholarship has given me the opportunity to expand my knowledge base and research work as an interior designer but also contribute in a larger capacity in the education of our future designers, through learning experiences heavily focused on the practice of interior design. Scholarships created for our industry provide support to those interested in pursuing advanced degrees. This will encourage more individuals to pursue this necessary education to contribute to advancing the profession.”

Robert Ledingham was a leader in the development of the interior design educational accreditation process in North America. In keeping with the spirit of Bob’s passion for education, funding for his scholarship comes from memorial donations and a matching grant from his estate, donated by Bob’s partner, Robert Lemon.

“Bob’s contribution to the profession was immeasurable,” said Susan Wiggins, Chione CEO. “His scholarship will continue to give back to interior design through the value that further education brings to our profession.”

Each year, the scholarship will award $2,000 to one or more candidates who have recently been accepted, or who are currently enrolled in their first academic year of graduate school at the masters or doctorate level.

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