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2017 Chione Industry Committee

We are pleased to announce Linda Kafka (Marketing Consultant and Chione Board Director, Industry) and Glen Brewer (President, Midgley Tecnica and Chair, Chione Sales Professionals Sub Committee) as Co-Chairs for the 2017 Chione Industry Committee. We are looking forward to an exciting year for the Committee and to Linda and Glen’s leadership.

The Industry Committee was formed in June of 2015 and created a mandate for the Committee “to foster community between interior designers and industry suppliers and manufacturers.” On behalf of Linda and Glen, Chione would like to thank previous Industry Committee Members for their participation and accomplishments, which included establishing the mandate and goals for the Committee, and also identifying the need and laying the groundwork for the upcoming Industry Sales Professionals Course to learn the best approaches to working with Registered interior designers.

We are currently seeking new members to join the Industry Committee (Committee consists of 12-14 members). The Committee will meet 4 times in 2017 – May, September, October and December.   The time commitment for members is to participate on each Committee call/in person meeting as well as participate in Committee initiatives as a result of meetings (ie. Membership Recruitment, Events, Networking, Research Initiatives). If interested please Scott Kettles, Chione Business Development Manager,  at [email protected] or by phone at 416-845-3290.









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