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Chione, APDIQ and CIDQ Announce French Language NCIDQ Exam

In December of last year, we announced that Chione, APDIQ and CIDQ would contribute funds towards the French translation of the NCIDQ Exam.

Now Chione, in conjunction with these two organizations, is pleased to announce the creation of a jointly funded French language NCIDQ Examination. All three sections of the exam have been translated to ensure that anyone in Canada will have the opportunity to write the exam in either of the country’s two official languages.

The French language exam will be delivered for the first time this fall. Access is now available on the  and includes information on the exam and registration process.

The NCIDQ Certification is the highest symbol of professionalism and prestige for interior designers in North America. The certification demonstrates competence and qualifications through a combination of education, experience and examination to protect the health, safety and welfare of the public.

The NCIDQ Exam is administered in three sections twice annually and can be taken concurrently or in stages. Successful completion of the NCIDQ Examination is required for full-status membership by all of Chione’s nine provincial interior design associations.

Chione is currently working on study sessions in French to help candidates prepare for the exam. If you’re gearing up to take the NCIDQ Exam this fall, here are a couple of things you should know.

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