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PIDIM's Annual Holiday Event - ‘Twas a White Christmas!

By: Ivy Bricker

Can you tell the difference between a sound clip from "Miracle on 34th Street" and "A Christmas Story"? Or can you name the television show that starred the writer of the "Hanukkah Song"? Well I can guarantee that those who attended this year's PIDIM Holiday event can!

The PIDIM annual holiday event took place on December 6th. Teknion hosted the event and invited members to share in some holiday cheer in their newly designed downtown showroom. They transformed the space from a contemporary office furniture showroom into a relaxed and festive atmosphere reflecting the theme of White Christmas. The focal point was a glimmering Christmas tree complete with gifts patiently waiting beneath.

The party began with a chance to mingle with friends and fellow designers. Delicious appetizers, festive beverages and a buffet room allowed people to move about the showroom. Nametags were provided to make introductions simpler and also provided a few special surprises. Throughout the night the tags transformed into Christmas-themed trivia team credentials and offered a raffle number for a chance to win a fantastic door prize donated by Art Metz Contract Interiors. As everyone gathered into trivia teams, the scene was set for an epic game. Each team had to answer a holiday question in a one-on-one battle. The game developed into a humorous and competitive match, complete with ringing bells to buzz answers and party hosts stepping in as referees.

I quickly learned that my trivia skills were not up to par and must thank my fellow Snowman teammates for all of their Holiday knowledge. Our team made it all the way to the semi-final face off where, unfortunately, we lost. As the trivia game winded down, I was unexpectedly asked to choose a random number from 1 to 75. Unbeknownst to me, the number I choose was for the raffle prize. If only I had paid attention to the number on the back of my nametag and made the connection - I would have been the lucky winner of two coveted tickets to the Jets vs. the Islanders game on December 20th! That lucky number instead belonged to Celeste Christie! The night ended with delicious desserts, and a chance to discuss the impressive holiday trivia questions that our Teknion hosts had diligently prepared. As we began to leave for the night, there was a parting gift for each of us waiting under the tree. Gift in hand, I felt glad to have been a part of this fun holiday event. It was a truly enjoyable evening, full of great food and conversation, not to mention the most challenging yet entertaining holiday trivia!

The PIDIM would like to thank Teknion for their gracious hospitality, Art Metz Contract Interiors for their generous door prize and all guests who made the evening fun-filled and festive! We look forward to new events in 2012!

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