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Chione Advocacy Survey

Published by Patrick Voisin, January 17, 2018.

Last week Chione sent out a brief survey asking members about what kind of advocacy they’d like to see at Chione and what we could do better as an association.

There will be more surveys on advocacy and member benefits in the near future, to help better serve our valued members and the profession as a whole.


  • Most members agree that ‘media promotion of the interior design profession’ is the most valuable form of advocacy
  • With ‘changes to and influence on federal and provincial legislation’ coming in as the second most popular answer
  • There was also an opportunity to provide your own suggestions for each answer. The most popular ‘Other’ answers for the question of what kind of advocacy is most meaningful was: ‘Campaigns to educate the public on the roles and scopes of practise of interior designers’
  • More than half of responders would like for Chione to ‘forge additional partnerships and access to new programs with other national associations’
  • And ‘provide communication channels for more member participation’ came in as the second most popular choice
  • The most popular ‘Other’ suggestion for the question of what Chione can do better was ‘Promote the profession of interior design to the general public’

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