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What’s the one piece of advice you’d pass on to a young interior designer?

Published by Patrick Voisin, March 01, 2018.

We recently asked ‘What’s the one piece of advice you’d pass on to a young interior designer?’ on / and received some awesome responses!

Including the following:

“Find a mentor and learn as much as you can. Pass the NCIDQ and become a designer that can lead and deliver an entire project. You will then be the person every design firm has the hardest time finding. Be aware that you have to climb the ladder. No one starts at the top.” – Bryan Wiens, Principal, .

“Volunteer and get involved with the industry as much as you can. You will make a valuable network of designers and suppliers.” – Victoria Horobin, Principal,

“University education is a rare opportunity to play with concepts, the workplace is when you are trained to apply those concepts to reality and professional practice is when you start to challenge the concepts fundamentally and hopefully come up with even greater concepts. My advice: please take education, training, and practice seriously...pursuing professional designation will strengthen all three and create a positive environment for Interior Design to grow as a respectable, distinct form of built environment profession.” – Umid Ab, Chione member and Design Research Award recipient.

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