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Public Services and Procurement Canada

Published by Sarah Bradbury, March 21, 2016.

Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) is seeking industry feedback regarding the potential sourcing of certain real property services on behalf of the Government of Canada, in order to determine how to continue to leverage the benefits offered by the private sector for real property services.

The purpose of this Request for Information (RFI) is to collect information that will help PSPC to make sound decisions with respect to the potential sourcing of over 180 real property related services.

The information collected throughout this process will serve to identify:

  • The industry’s interest, capacity and capability in delivering these services in a cost-effective manner
  • A proposed optimal grouping of categories and/or service packages that could be competitively tendered
  • Concerns, risks or suggestions raised by the industry with respect to the proposed grouping or sourcing of these services

The preliminary groupings of services considered in this RFI are:

  1. Real Property Planning (including strategic real estate portfolio planning and accommodation advisory services)
  2. Real Property Environmental Services
  3. Real Property Development and Acquisition
  4. Real Property Design, Construction and Refit
  5. Real Property – Property Management (new requirements)
  6. Special Technical Services (e.g. dredging, management of bridges, dams and highways, hydrographic surveys and heritage conservation, etc.)

Following are the scheduled phases that PSPC will carry out:

  • Phase I - Request for Information (RFI) including an online survey
  • Phase II - Consultation with industry and industry associations
  • Phase III - Follow-up with respondents to the RFI, as required

For more information, read the Request for Information document. If you require additional information or have comments regarding the RFI, please the Contracting Authority.

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