Current Opportunities:

August 1, 2019Chione Design Symposium Keynote Sponsorship
August 1, 2019Coast-to-Coast Sponsorship
August 1, 2019Chione Design Symposium Key Sponsorships
August 1, 2019Design Firms' support Chione National Conference 2019
August 31, 2019Tour Sponsorship for Chione's Design Symposium
August 31, 2019National Emerging Professionals Program (PROpel) Sponsorship
August 31, 2019Chione Design Symposium Wi-Fi Sponsor
August 31, 2019Chione Design Symposium Conference App Sponsorship
August 31, 2019Chione Design Symposium VODA Trophies Sponsorship
October 31, 2019Chione Design Symposium Panel Discussion Sponsor
December 31, 2019Hosting an Chione Board Meeting
October 3, 2019DesignEx | Chione Ottawa 2019

Event opportunities

Sponsorship is an effective way to increase brand recognition and show support for Chione and the interior design profession in Canada. There are various sponsorship opportunities available throughout the year that help you obtain exposure and market your company to the interior design community. For opportunities, please review the Chione sponsorship prospectus.

To learn more about Chione Industry membership, advertising services and event sponsorship opportunities, please [email protected].

Media partnership for Chione Design Symposium

Exclusive in-kind media partnership for Chione Design Symposium

Sponsorship Levels

Media Partner
  • Exclusive access to press releases, keynote speakers, members of Chione’s Board of Management and special guests  
  • Opportunity to expose your media organization to an influential interior design audience
  • Your organization listed as ‘Media Sponsor’ on all marketing materials related to Chione Design Symposium
  • Your logo featured on Chione’s website with a dedicated link to your organization’s website
  • Two (2) VIP tickets to attend Chione Design Symposium
  • Announcement of your organization as ‘Media Sponsor’ on Chione’s social media channels
  • Your organization featured on a dedicated Chione website home page banner ad for a period of two weeks (leading up to, and during the conference)
Start Date & Time Friday, March 9, 2018 at 12:00 PM
End Date & Time Wednesday, September 19, 2018 at 12:00 PM
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